Fr. Steve’s homily (08/09/2015)

Without bread, without food, physical life perishes. Without Jesus, without his “flesh for the life of the world” in the Eucharist, our life of intimate communion with God will perish. It’s that simple – and it’s that crucial.
Eleven times in this discourse Jesus speaks of himself as the bread of life; he’s really hoping that we’ll get the message. The gift of faith gives us access to eternal life, and the Eucharist makes that life grow within us.
We all believe in the Eucharist. We have all been given the gift of faith, and the Father has drawn us to Jesus Christ and to the Blessed Sacrament. But it’s always helpful to polish that faith up.
• When we enter and leave the Church we all genuflect and make the Sign of the Cross, because we are in the presence of the Eucharistic Lord reserved in the Tabernacle.
• But are that genuflection and Sign of the Cross sincere and meaningful, or just Catholic quickies?
• During the Eucharistic prayer, which happens at Mass between the bringing up of the gifts and the Our Father, are we making a decent effort to focus our attention on the words?
• Their beauty and meaning can enhance how we receive Communion, if we let them.
• How about the way we approach Holy Communion and what we do after we return to our seats?
• And then, during the week, how often do we make an effort to come and visit Jesus in the Tabernacle, just to thank him for his blessings, and to talk to him about our needs, concerns, and loved ones?
• He is always here, eagerly waiting for us.

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